Moving out of London – Things to consider

Published Nov 4, 2016 – 2 mins read

For those of you who work and live in London, making the decision to move out of the City can often be a complicated one. Top priorities for my clientele include: having more space, a larger garden, access to excellent schools (especially for buyers with families) and a better lifestyle in general.

Commuting time is an important factor to be taken into consideration; towns and villages with fast transport links are popular, but this often has to be balanced against the availability of sensibly priced properties. Other popular items on the ‘wish list’ include: community feel, walking distance to a shop, fast broadband, etc.

Where should I start looking?
For those basing their search primarily on commuter times, Garrington Central Region has two major routes into London: from the North-west along the M40 motorway and via the Chiltern Railway line into Marylebone, and from the west along the M4 motorway and via the First Great Western Railway line into Paddington. Typical journey times are within an hour.

The Chiltern Line now benefits from regular ‘fast’ trains, and the introduction of the new edge-of-town ‘Parkway’ railway stations at Haddenham & Thame, Didcot, Aylesbury Vale, and most recently Oxford, makes the railway system more accessible. In addition, the new ‘Crossrail’ is currently under construction and will originate in Reading, providing a direct route to Central and East London, including Canary Wharf.

Location decided, but which area should I live in?
Once you have decided on a location, the next stage is finding an area that has ideal properties within the desired budget; some towns and villages are extremely sought after and therefore command a high price. We at Garrington are experienced negotiators and will always thoroughly research the price of a property to find evidence to either justify the amount being asked, or as a basis for negotiating a lower price.

For family buyers, schooling is often a major consideration and competition for the best schools is typically fierce; some clients even prefer to select a school before even deciding where to buy a home. Using Garrington’s services, we are able to elicit and work within catchment areas, and if necessary introduce educational consultants into the process who can advise on schooling systems i.e. grammar, baccalaureate, European/American, special needs, etc., as well as investigate available spaces and arrange school visits.

With any move out of London, a lot of time needs to be invested into the research, information gathering, and eventual property viewings. Time is a rare commodity, so using Garrington will save your valuable time by contacting agents, carrying out the leg work, and previewing properties so you only see the worthwhile contenders, and ultimately ensure you are making a worthy and wise investment in your property purchase.
If you would like to find out more about Garrington’s services and how we can help you make a move out of London, please contact us.